Can’t stand closest grocery store, no heat

Sometimes my husband makes fun of me for how difficult I make things.

He simply doesn’t understand why I can overcomplicate situations that he finds extremely easy to navigate.

Personally, I think that he is just too easy going to understand a lot of my quirks. For instance, he’s constantly poking at me because I refuse to visit the nearest grocery store when we need to pick up some food. I will drive across town to go to the superior grocery outlet, but I always complain about the traffic getting there. My husband can’t understand why I hate the closer grocery store so much. But, I can easily explain it to you… They have absolutely no indoor air temperature control in the winter. In the summer I think that the grocery store is tolerable because they have a massive air conditioning system working in tandem with their highly refrigerated sections of frozen foods. When you walk in from the hot and humid outdoor air, it feels amazing to enter their powerful commercial air conditioning and to bask in the refrigeration section for a while. In the winter, however, the store is just as cold inside. It seems like they do not have a powerful commercial heating system, if they have any kind of heating system at all. Walking in from the parking lot feels no different than standing in the middle of a blizzard. When you enter the refrigerated section, you need to put on extra layers so that you don’t lose feeling in your fingers and toes. I know that my husband isn’t bothered by this air temperature disaster, but I refuse to grocery shop like an Eskimo.

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