Dog climbs into bed when it’s too cold at night

Now, I am battling two sources of heat every night..

I can acknowledge that I am not the most energetically responsible person on this planet. I have my faults as a human, and they included being a bit wasteful in my day-to-day living. For instance, I’m a big fan of taking a long, steamy shower even though I know it is contributing to a fresh water shortage and increasing energy expenditure. I really enjoy having lights on all over the house at night even though my carbon footprint is expanding. I also am a massive fan of controlling my indoor air temperature so that I do not have to feel uncomfortable throughout the summer and winter seasons. In the spring in the fall I can get by without any central heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment. I managed to regulate my internal temperature fairly well if the indoor air isn’t marred by Hot and Cold the patches throughout the house. In the winter and summer seasons, however, I need my air conditioning system and forced air furnace to work overtime. Part of my problem is my unreasonable body temperature. I am always way too cold during the day and way too warm at night. I know that I set my thermostat to an extreme temperature to offset my issues with overheating in the dark. Most of the time, my house is bitterly cold while I’m sleeping and that helps with my overabundant internal heating system. Unfortunately, since I adopted a particularly cold blooded dog a few months ago my normal nighttime temperature preferences have become an issue. Now, I am battling two sources of heat every night… My own internal furnace and the warm fluff-ball who insists on burying his way into my bed when he catches a chill.

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