Everyone seems to like vacations, but I have some real reasons to be leary of going away from home. I enjoy the heating and air conditioning in my home. I know how good this feels, and I am always afraid that the HVAC won’t be nearly as good as it is at my home. Even worse, is that I fear there won’t be any HVAC at all. I think the biggest group of people who complain the most, are the senior citizens. They are called snowbirds and they hate if it is too hot or too cold. Unfortunately, most of these people have little to no ability when it comes to making small repairs to the HVAC system. Most rental companies don’t want their renters to try to make any repairs. They have HVAC technicians on call at all times to come to the rental units and make repairs. Many people tend to ask their local HVAC technicians questions about the simple repairs they can make for themselves. This can help them when or if they take a vacation and end up in a rental home. If you happen to be near the beach in a rental unit, and you can’t get any help with the HVAC, it can be one of the most miserable times of your life. However, I prefer to be at the beach in the summer. You can turn on a fan and get some relief, albeit a small amount of relief. If you happen to be in a rental in the winter and the heating system goes out, you could be dealing with broken pipes and needing to go home much quicker than you had planned.

I hate a hot summer day without any air conditioning.



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