Husband doesn’t stick with workout

For several years now, I have tried to talk my husband into working out.

I have signed him up for a gym membership and have mentioned group fitness classes.

My husband will start out motivated but always drop out halfway into the session. He has gone through phases of running everyday or riding his bike. Two to four weeks is about as long as he can manage to stick with it. I try to cook him healthy and nutritious meals, but I can’t force him to do any type of exercise. Recently, I decided that my best hope was to get him working on improvement projects around the house. Right now, my husband is laying down new ceramic tile flooring throughout the house. This forces him to carry heavy boxes of tile, swat down, move his body in new ways and walk back as well as forth to fetch materials. I have noticed a difference. He’s lost a significant amount of belly fat and achieved some muscle tone in his arms. I make sure to praise and encourage him. I tell him over how much more fit and healthy he looks. He is now more receptive to the idea of weightlifting once he has completed the floors. I am determined to keep him busy around the house. I hope to get him in better physical shape through steady projects before he begins another workout program attempt. I don’t want him to end up sore, injured or discouraged. My plan is to have him get started with a little stretching exercises every morning. My husband has difficulty working on projects in the home everyday because he ends up with aching arms, legs and lower back. I hope to convince him to stretch first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. He’d see that handling repairs is much easier. Eventually, he will be ready for actual workouts. Even if my husband never steps foot in a real gym, he already looks much better than did.
Workout plans

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