I bought temperature zone control for our home

I can be pretty finicky about certain things.

This never fails to annoy our family, because how particular I can be on somethings, but one of these things is the kind of rocking chairs I get. I want only fabric not leather rocking chairs, since leather sticks to myself and others plus I hate that. The rocking chair must be placed in the center of the home, close to a TV, in a spot where I can see all of the rooms around me, so that way I guess what is going on around myself and others while I listen to tunes at all times. It has to be a rocking chair plus not a glider, because I hate the way gliders feel, however yes, getting a rocking chair is mandatory for me, because I begin to guess odd if I don’t rest in 1 after a while, I can’t undoubtedly explain it. I have a lot of needs, plus it drives our family crazy. I’m the same way with temperatures. I can’t undoubtedly decide whether I want to be sizzling or cold or even warm. I have consistently struggled with finding the perfect temperature, because even when I chose to keep our air conditioner on, 10 minutes later I would want it to be warm. I actually switched the HVAC control unit every 30 minutes or so, plus it drove our wife crazy. My wife dislikes interruptions in her schedule, plus decreasing the temperature consistently was bothering him, and so both of us talked it over plus both of us decided to get a HVAC zone control. That way both of us could choose unusual rooms to have unusual temperatures, but zoned HVAC was perfect, because our wife can have her preferred temperature, and I can just keep switching between rooms if I can’t make up our mind.

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