I can't believe the ductwork had so many holes

My wife and I were having a lot of problems with our heating and cooling component.

There were spots in the house where it seemed like the temperature was perfect, and then there were other areas in the house where it felt like we didn’t have any hot or cool air. My wife and I were incredibly frustrated with the situation, so we turned to the heating and cooling professional for help. When we made the appointment with the heating and cooling professional, the guy on the phone asked a lot of questions before they sent a technician. I think they were trying to get to the bottom of the issue. The heating and cooling technician came to our home and immediately decided to go into the attic to check on our ductwork. The guy was in the attic for 30 minutes before he came back down to talk to my wife and I. He had a small camera with a number of pictures. Our ductwork was riddled with holes. Much of the cold and hot air from our heating and cooling system was escaping through the holes in our ventilation ductwork. The service technician counted a number of holes that needed to be fixed and he also told my wife and I that he recommended replacing all of the ductwork above the master bedroom. Apparently it was the worst part of the system and in need of replacement instead of repairs. The final bill for all of those HVAC ventilation repairs was larger than the sum of money I lost on the Super Bowl.



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