I can’t stand to see families suffering during the Christmas holiday

I raise and sell Christmas trees and this is something that has always kept myself and others in nice spirits; I always aim to help at least a single family each year too, and this past year I found just the perfect family for me to help.

There was this family and the child picked out the most scrawny tree we had in the lot.

I asked her if she was sure she didn’t want this other tree that was much fuller and taller, but she glanced at his father who sadly shook his head. I felt excruciatingly sorry for this child however at least they were out here with the holiday spirit and getting a Christmas tree even though they couldn’t afford a nicer tree. I had a talk with the father and told him I would deliver the nicer tree for the same price as the smaller tree. He tried to refuse my offer, but I had to insist, and when I went to deliver the tree, I learned they were having trouble with their HVAC plan as well and they were low on firewood for the fireplace. They were in need of more help than I initially thought; so I got my group of buddies together and they helped myself and others to split up some firewood and deliver it to their new home before Christmas. The two of us also gave them gifts for the girls and we gave to cover the cost to have the HVAC plan looked at. They then tried to refuse again, but I still insisted. I said I wanted to hear about the sizable smiles those girls had on Christmas. It was nice to know that they were all set and the girls were as blissful as could be.

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