I feel so bad

My lady was desperate to try out the new taco arena last evening plus I agreed to go there plus grab a burrito, however i ordered a steak plus chicken burrito with fajita peppers, onions, plus mushrooms, and the burrito tasted great, but it was huge.

I ate as much as I could plus my stomach was undoubtedly full by the time the two of us left the restaurant.

I started to know the first rumble in my stomach right before bed. I thought I was going to be sick, but the feeling passed out after a few minutes, however when I got up for work today, the feeling was right there again. Now it’s even worse and I have a frustrated stomach plus diarrhea. I called my boss to tell him that I believe I have food poisoning. It seems to love all of the symptoms. The first thing my boss wanted to know was if I was coming to work. I told my boss that I could barely get out of bed to go to the toilet plus he told myself and others that he was undoubtedly counting on myself and others to job on a refrigeration problem. I am now working for a commercial Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business that offers refrigeration component repairs. There’s only a couple of gentlemen that are certified to work on refrigeration components plus I am 1 of those people. I have been now working for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business for the longest period of time, so I am usually the person sent out to those tasks, unluckily, there was simply no chance that I could get out of bed plus perform my regular task activities.


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