I grew up on a farm

Compared to a lot of people nowadays, I had a rough childhood.

I grew up on a farm, and my mom and dad constantly needed help with the farm animals.

Every day I got up at dawn and helped them with all of the daily chores of taking care of the animals. I would work in the hottest of summers and the coldest of winters, and I started doing this by the time I was 10. It was rough, there were multiple times that I would be sweating to death in the summer heat, and I would wonder if I would have a heat stroke from the suffocating sun. Winter wasn’t much better, because I would freeze and freezing isn’t any better. Worse, my parents didn’t use heating and cooling, and I grew up without ever really getting to experience HVAC at it’s best. I grew up and didn’t want to be a farmer like my parents, I actually instead preferred the busy atmosphere of a city, and I moved there instead. It was incredibly different, and it took a while to adjust. One of the things that fascinated me in my studio apartment, is that they all came with their own HVAC system. As someone who grew up without heaters and air conditioners, this was fascinating. I spent a lot of time just playing with the cooling unit and heating system, which probably looked weird to a lot of people who didn’t know me, but it was so cool to have technology that can literally change the temperature around you.


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