I had to talk to the veterinarian.

My awful kitty has been having bad complications with her skin irritations lately.

  • When I first got the cat, called Pretty Girl, I took her to the vet to make sure she was healthy plus to get her all the shots she needed.

At that time, the veterinarian told myself and others that this breed of cats was highly prone to bad pollen irritations. She is now six weeks seasoned plus she is typically sneezing. The other night she curled up upon my bed pillow. Instead of hearing her soothing purrs, I heard a rattling wheeze. As soon as I got up in the day, I called her veterinarian. The office receptionist set me up an appointment that same day. When I took Pretty Girl in, the vet told myself and others that she had warned myself and others about her being plagued with pollen irritations. I couldn’t suppose how the wheezing was from pollen irritations. I told him she was typically hanging out by the air vents. She enjoys the cool air coming from the air vents, when the air conditioning was running. She asked how long it had been since I had my HVAC duct cleaned. Since there was an HVAC duct to carry the A/C from the component to the house, it was possible there was a ton of dust inside the HVAC duct. The dust could be the source of Pretty Girl’s bad pollen irritations. As soon as I got home, I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning business plus requested to have someone inspect my air conditioning component plus the HVAC duct. I told them I was fearful there was a lot of dust in the HVAC duct that was causing Pretty Girl to get sick.

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