I should start taking stairs after getting stuck on elevators so many times

You know how some people are undoubtedly blessed; well, I am a single of the people who is sort of unblessed…

Then I don’t legitimately have a bad advantage in life in general, I just have a bad advantage with elevators.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been caught in an elevator! Periodically I will be by myself and other times I will be with other people. I have found out after the first 2 times that it’s best to come prepared. I consistently have a backpack with me now and I carry a portable heating, ventilation, and A/C component with me. It’s something I never used to do, however it’s not actually important or heavy. It’s not even a traditional heating, ventilation, and A/C component that’s undoubtedly extravagant, however it undoubtedly works great when you are in a small space. It’s great for an elevator or any small room! You simply pull it out, turn it on and adjust the temperature control. It never gets ancient to see the surprise on people’s faces when they see I’m prepared for being stuck on the elevator, and as soon as they see me pull out the portable heating, ventilation, and A/C unit, they ask if I knew that we were going to be stuck. Periodically I wonder if those people would have gotten stuck if I were never on the elevator with them. I just think that perhaps I am a walking bad advantage charm and perhaps I should really consider taking the stairs. The thing is, I still appreciate using the elevator to the stairs because I hate climbing endless flights of stairs! Even though I realize for me, there’s an enjoyable option of getting stuck on the elevator, I’ll consistently take our chances.

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