I travel with my mother because she can keep up

I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places.

  • My perfect vacation is piloting a rental car from one place to another and exploring a different country.

I am a fan of hiking, kayaking, swimming and zip lining. I love to stay in quirky little hotels. After a physically exhausting day, I like to reward myself with a yummy pastry or hot chocolate at a local cafe. For several years, I invited along whatever girl I happened to be seeing at the time on my various trips. They typically complained if I booked us a white water rafting, hiking, scuba diving or any physically taxing excursion. None of them worked out or were in peak physical shape. I finally got smart. I now invite my mother along on these trips. It is rather surprising that I have dated numerous gals who are in their early to mid 20s and my 56 year old mother is in superior physical condition. She and I are both very health conscientious. We always start our day by waking up early as possible and searching out the hotel fitness room. Usually, we devote an hour or longer on the workout. We include high intensity cardio, weight lifting and lots of stretching. After that, we head to the car and drive to whatever endpoint is on our schedule for the day. We always include some type of physical activity. I know I can take my mother on a ten mile hike through the woods and uphill. She’s always ready to get an early start again the next day. We like to kayak along a river and battle waves. She enjoys a physical challenge as much as I do. When I want to switch to shopping or searching out a specific pub in the city, my mother is fine with walking for miles with no complaint. She is also more than happy to eat a pastry or go zip lining with me.

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