I was moving to a new apartment.

Anyone who has ever moved knows that if there is wall to wall carpeting, it needs to be cleaned before moving out or moving in. The carpeting in my old apartment was sunken flat from the weight of my bed. I hated moving furniture, so it didn’t surprise me that the carpet looked ragged. I called the carpet cleaning company that worked for my apartment building. I told them I needed to have the carpet cleaned and the nap raised. The man who showed up from the carpet cleaning company took one look at the carpet and cringed. He said it was going to take some work to raise the nap, but he was up to the job. He used some special chemicals to clean the carpet, since I had a path worn from my habits of walking in the room. He asked me how long I had lived in the apartment, and I told him ten years. He was quick to write this down. He also asked which apartment I was moving to? I told him my husband and I were going to have a baby and we needed a three bedroom apartment instead of a one bedroom. He said he would go over to the apartment and check it out. He wanted to see if he had to do any carpet cleaning in that apartment. He wanted to make sure the carpet cleaning didn’t end up being carpet replacement which was going to take a bit of time. He then told me about carpet protectors I could get for the feet on my bed and my dressers. He said it would stop the deep grooves that were in the carpet.

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