Keep all HVAC repairs consistent with the service of professionals

I have spent more time pouring over the household budget this past year than any other year I can remember.

This was due to the fact that this has been a most challenging year to make ends meet. The pandemic saw to that. If I wasn’t working my job remotely from the comfort and security of my home office, I was trying to figure out how to stretch our income. I lost out on all my bonus structure as did my wife. We work for the same company and both earn roughly 20 percent of our salary from bonuses. That is a lot of money to make up for. We started by really only spending on the essentials. And since we were restricted to the HVAC in our home, there really wasn’t any sort of entertainment budget. Additionally, we saved by not going on any sort of trips or vacation this past year. We also saved a lot on HVAC over the summer. Since we were both home, we were able to be really disciplined when it came to the HVAC setting. This saved us hundreds over the summer. However, we had an unexpected HVAC repair hit us this past fall. We actually considered finding someone online to do it on the cheap. But the more we considered that option, the less appealing it became. Not only could we not count on the consistency of a professional repair, the cheap option would not be a guaranteed repair. It made it easy to simply call the HVAC pros because we knew exactly what we would be getting with them.



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