Mom is obsessed with eastern medicine, dad HVAC

Sometimes I feel like there’s no one on this planet that I can rely on.

I do everything I can to support other human beings but I don’t feel like there are support systems for me.

Even when I try to contact my friends and family, I wind up with my head spinning rather than a new level of clarity. This is particularly true when it comes to anything going on with my health or body. You see, I realized a long time ago that my family is completely insane when it comes to anything regarding physical health. My mom is obsessed with Eastern medicine and always tries to get me to take herbal supplements when I tell her about my respiratory illnesses, immune system failures, and general exhaustion. My dad, on the other hand, is convinced that indoor air quality is the key to a healthy life. No matter what I tell him, my father replies that I should get my indoor air handling devices serviced by a professional heating and cooling technician. I could probably tell my dad that my arm got chopped off and he would ask if I called the local HVAC repair shop yet. He is determined that properly cleaning your air ducts, changing your air filter, and having routine HVAC service appointments will keep you happy and healthy until you’re a hundred years old. Even when I have already consulted my indoor air quality control specialist, my dad insists that my HVAC system is the root of the problem. At this point in life, I just keep my issues away from my family. They’ve never been able to help anyways.

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