My brother had to spend all day troubleshooting the furnace

My family and I decided to go camping last weekend even though the temperatures were forecasted to be quite cold.

My wife and I have an RV and my brother and his wife also have an RV so we weren’t particularly worried about the cold temperatures.

When we got to the campground on Friday night, it was surprisingly warm and we actually thought that the weather person was incorrect about the forecast. As soon as the sun went down, the temperatures began to drop drastically. It went from 80 degrees right down to 50 degrees in less than two hours. I was the first person to get cold, so I went into the house and I turned on the furnace. It was colder than I saw it when I saw the temperature on the thermostat was 61 degrees. I went outside and I told my brother the temperature and he decided to go indoors and turn on his furnace. Unfortunately, the furnace didn’t work. My brother saw a spark, but it didn’t seem like there was enough gas to keep the fire lit. Thank goodness I had a small space heater in the front storage by the fifth wheel, because my brother couldn’t fix the furnace on that night. The next morning, he had to drive back to town to find the right part to fix the problem. We didn’t spend much time on Saturday fishing and that was the entire reason that we decided to go camping. We probably should have just stayed home.

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