My friend is a jack of all trades

I am pretty lucky that I have my friend to help me with most issues.

  • I own a big home, and my house has lots of things that need repair eventually.

I absolutely suck at repairing anything, and usually this would mean calling a repairman out of some sort, and paying money. Thankfully, I don’t have to do that because my friend is incredibly talented. My friend Ned and I have been friends since high school, and he is extremely talented. He is a jack of all trades kind of person, anything that is broken, he is able to fix. I’ve seen him fix cars, phones, TVs, games and so much more. It just seems to come natural to him, and even better, he seems to thrive off of repairing things, which is why I don’t mind constantly asking him to help me fix some of the things in my house. When my cooling unit started acting funny, I didn’t waste any time calling him up and asking if he had any HVAC knowledge. He apparently went to HVAC university briefly. He wasn’t interested in becoming a HVAC specialist, he just really wanted to learn how to repair furnaces and air conditioners. He came over later in the afternoon, and I watched in fascination as he was able to take things apart and fix it with ease. It must be nice having that knowledge. I wish I was as talented as him, but I know if I tried to fix my air conditioning component, I would manage to mess it up. I don’t have that natural talent he doesn, he is just really lucky.

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