He said he could estimate the time of death.

I have seen some pretty cocky people in my life, but the HVAC technician who was at my house last week, was by far the worst.

I called because my air conditioning unit had quit working.

I was fairly certain that I needed a new air conditioning unit. I had been told last summer that this one wasn’t going to last much longer. I had already begun to save money so I could purchase the new air conditioning unit when this one died. The HVAC tech looked me up and done when he arrived, and he asked if I was single. I told him it was none of his business, and asked him to just check the air conditioning unit. He winked as he walked out the door. Several minutes later, he came and told me the air conditioning was dead and he could even estimate the time of death. I looked at my phone records and told him that I could also. It was about fifteen minutes before the phone call was made. This brought him down a couple notches, but he still held that perpetual grin. He told me I had to purchase a new air conditioning unit. I gave him all the information I had on the new AC unit I wanted. He cocked his head and told me that I did some ‘mighty fine work’, and then he winked again. I couldn’t wait until he finished his work so I could finally get to work. If that HVAC tech hadn’t been my fiance, I probably would have told his boss about his attitude.

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I told him to get out before I called the cops.

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is someone who will not shut up.

I have had people come into my house under the guise of doing a service, and they try to sell me on something.

When I call any kind of repairman, I just want the repair done. I don’t want them to argue with me about how I should do upgrades, or even replace the item when they have already made the repair. The man who repaired my refrigerator was adamant about my buying a new refrigerator, and he came right out and told me he was now a dealer for a popular brand. I told him he had to get out, and that was ten years ago. I am still using the same refrigerator. Last week, I had to call the HVAC company. I had a problem with the air conditioning unit. I was sure that it was just low on coolant. I hadn’t had the air conditioning unit inspected since last year. Summer came up so quickly that I didn’t have time to call the HVAC company to do the inspection on the AC unit. I asked the HVAC company to do an inspection on the AC unit and I mentioned the low coolant. The inspection took fifteen minutes, and the HVAC tech added more coolant. He then sat in my kitchen trying to sell me on a new AC unit. I told him mine was just five years old and I had no intention of purchasing a new one. He kept talking about the importance of upgrading HVAC systems so I always had the most efficient unit. I finally told him that if he didn’t leave my house in ten seconds, I was going to call the cops.

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They said they had no reason to call me back.

When I called the HVAC company, I simply wanted some questions answered.

I was concerned about some noises I had been hearing in the ductwork, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t from some kind of infestation or from a crack.

I knew that a crack in the ductwork could cause air to leak out and it would sound almost eerie. The last house I lived in was a rambling old mansion and you were always hearing hissing noises when the heating turned on. Some of the other boarders in the house insisted it was a ghost, but I knew what it was. I had heard it quite often in my dad’s house, when I was still living at home. I was hoping that my phone call would precipitate a return call from an HVAC tech. I wanted to be able to talk to an HVAC technician. I thought I could possibly make an appointment to have my HVAC system and the ductwork checked and repaired if necessary. After waiting almost a week for a return call and getting none, I called the HVAC company again. I asked my question again and asked why no one called me back. The woman told me she thought she had answered my question and said she didn’t feel there was a reason to call me back. I explained that when there is a problem with the HVAC system, I expect to talk to a HVAC technician. Talking to the secretary gave me no satisfaction since she isn’t a professional HVAC technician. She seemed upset with me, but it didn’t take long for a HVAC technician to call me back this time.


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I talked to the veterinarian.

My poor kitty has been having a terrible problem with her allergies lately.

When I first got Pretty Girl, I took her to the veterinarian to make sure she was healthy and to get her all the shots she needed.

At that time, the vet told me that her breed of cats was prone to allergies. She is now six months old and she is always sneezing. The other night she curled up on my pillow. Instead of hearing her soothing purrs, I heard her rattling wheeze. As soon as I got up in the morning, I called her veterinarian. The office receptionist set up an appointment that same afternoon. When I took Pretty Girl in, the vet told me he had warned me about her being plagued with allergies. I couldn’t believe the wheezing was from allergies. I told him she was always hanging out around the air vents. She enjoys the cool air coming from the air vents, when the air conditioning is running. He asked how long it had been since I had my ductwork cleaned. Since there was ductwork to carry the AC from the unit to the house, it was possible there was a lot of dust inside the ductwork. The dust could be the source of Pretty Girl’s allergies. As soon as I got home, I called the HVAC company and asked to have someone inspect my air conditioning unit and the ductwork. I told them I was afraid there was a lot of dust in the ductwork that was causing Pretty Girl to be sick.


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He isn’t ever coming back.

I worried about my HVAC system for the longest time.

I couldn’t afford to have the furnace repaired or to have the air conditioning unit replaced.

I had been having the HVAC technician just put patches on all of my HVAC equipment. Last month, the HVAC technician informed me that if I didn’t soon replace the HVAC system, he would not come back to the house and do more repairs. He was afraid that with just the ‘patches’ there could be dire consequences. He explained that repairing the component in the furnace that was broken, could cause a leak of carbon monoxide. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how dire this could be. He could make some repairs, but not others? When I called the HVAC company last week, I asked for my regular HVAC technician. He called me back an hour later and let me know that he was serious. He even offered to talk to the HVAC company to get me special financing on a new HVAC system, but I was hesitant. I was afraid to get into debt and possibly not be able to pay the bill. I also couldn’t afford for the furnace to break down again. I definitely could not afford to have carbon monoxide poisoning and end up with my family dead. I asked the HVAC technician if he could get me the information on a payment plan, and he agreed. I was afraid that he wasn’t ever coming back, but I now know it was just a way to get my attention, and it worked..


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He Told Me To Upgrade My HVAC System and Install a Smart Thermostat

Aftering running my old HVAC system for way too long, I was eager to install a brand new HVAC system! I wanted something that was going to run efficiently and save me money over time. I live in the south, so my air conditioner runs most of the year. During the summer, the air conditioner runs aggressively. The furnace gets used during a few months, but it’s not run nearly as much as the air conditioner. Because of this, I wanted a new HVAC system that would do a good job at cooling my home while running efficiently. I didn’t want to pay a fortune on my monthly utility bills anymore. I contacted the local HVAC company and asked them to come to my home and give me a quote. An HVAC technician was at my door within a few hours and he began assessing my situation. After explaining my needs, he recommended a specific HVAC system and also included some ways to reduce my overall energy costs. The HVAC specialist said that my new HVAC system would keep my energy costs low, but over time, the system would break down and I’d be back to where I started. Not only did he recommend a high-efficiency HVAC system, but he also suggested that I install several ceiling fans to help move the air. He also said that I should install a smart thermostat that would program itself to my temperature needs. The smart thermostat would do a better job at running my HVAC system than me. It was a couple hundred extra dollars, but I thought it was worth it in the long run.

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I Needed To Replace My Ductwork

Unfortunately, there were so many holes and tears that it didn’t make sense to patch them

During my last HVAC service appointment, the HVAC professional approached me about something I wasn’t anticipating. During his examination of my HVAC system he noticed some issues with my ductwork. While he was looking at the ductwork he noticed how dirty they were. At first glance, he assumed they needed a good cleaning. He was prepared to clean them himself when he noticed that the ductwork needed a lot more than a good scrub. The ductwork was old and there were several holes and leaks. All the holes were causing my HVAC treated air to escape, making my HVAC system run harder. I did notice that my utility bills were higher than average, but I assumed it was because I was running my HVAC system more aggressively. I asked the HVAC professional what he thought I needed to do. He recommended that I have all my ductwork replaced. I wasn’t prepared for him to say this, because I didn’t even know ductwork could be replaced. I asked him if he thought washing the ductwork would help, but he assured me that this wouldn’t fix the bigger issue. I was losing HVAC treated air and the leaks needed to be sealed. Unfortunately, there were so many holes and tears that it didn’t make sense to patch them. I ended up having the ductwork replaced and I’m so glad I did! Ever since the new ductwork was installed, I’ve noticed my HVAC system running less and my utility bills are lower than they’ve ever been.

I Was Hesitant To Upgrade My AC System

Before I purchased the home I’m living in, I read over the inspection report about the HVAC system in detail.

The report stated that both the furnace and the air conditioner were operational, but they were nearing their expiration.

The furnace wasn’t too concerning, but the air conditioning system was 19 years old. Although the inspection stated that it was operational, I knew it wouldn’t be long before it needed replaced. I reached out to an HVAC technician and asked about the pricing of new air conditioning systems. They were a lot higher than I was anticipating, so I told him that I would just keep the old air conditioning system that I had. The HVAC technicians understood my concern, but he began telling me about why that wasn’t the best solution. According to him, air conditioning systems become less efficient as they age. It would create a lot of noise and require repairs frequently. The amount of money I’d spend in repairs and upkeep would be almost as high as a new air conditioner. The HVAC technician was patient with me and I understood what he was saying. I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me anything, he was only trying to look out for me. I brought up the cost again, and he told me that there was financing available. All I needed to do was fill out the application and someone would reach out to me with approval. In the end, I decided to submit the financing application so I could update my air conditioner. I made sense to install a new AC system instead of paying for repairs and high utility costs.


The HVAC Professional Offered 30-Day Guarantee

When I moved, I needed to hire a new HVAC professional.

Although I loved the HVAC professional I used in the past, he could no longer service the new area I was living in.

This was such a disappointment, but he gave me a few names of other HVAC professionals that would be in my area. I called each of the numbers I was given and asked them about their prices, their specialties, and what they could offer me. For the most part, they each gave me generic answers that I was anticipating from an HVAC professional. However, there was one HVAC professional who told me that he offered a 30-day guarantee. He explained that if he came to service my HVAC system and I noticed something was off within 30 days, he would come back and follow up for free. He also said this included any repair work that was done. This meant that if I hired him to fix something that was happening on either my furnace or air conditioner and I noticed something still wasn’t right within 30 days, I could call him to come look at it again for free. I loved that he offered this! I’ve hired a lot of HVAC professionals in my time, and having someone who is willing to come back and fix what isn’t working is hard to find. I’m willing to bet that he doesn’t want to return to any house he’s already serviced, which tells me that he’s going to take his time and do things right the first time. He made my decision to hire a new HVAC professional easy!

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How does an air purifier work?

HVAC systems keep your home’s indoor environment at your desired levels.

However, the air inside an average home is still more polluted than the outside air because contaminants thrive in enclosed spaces. Moisture can provide a conducive environment for mold and mold spores to develop. Forced air heating and cooling systems circulate bacteria and dust particles throughout your house. Pets give off dander and shed fur, while serial smokers release toxins into the indoor air. Pollen and other allergens can find their way through open windows and doors and get stuck in your upholstery or carpet. Consequently, an average house tends to house contaminants in more significant quantities than outdoors. This concentration may not be too harmful to a healthy individual, but it sure does pose a significant risk for individuals with respiratory difficulties and allergies. Decreasing these pollutants’ levels can help rid some of these issues. One way to do it is by using air purifiers. Essentially, air purifiers function by sanitizing your surrounding air from toxins, allergens, and pollutants. They are the exact opposite of humidifiers and essential oil diffusers, which add particles to your indoor air. The air purifiers also work differently from filters since filters only eliminate particles from the air, while purifiers do more than that by sanitizing indoor air. The particles removed by the air purifier will be determined by the type of air purifier you use. While some purifiers are designed with filters to trap contaminants as air flows through them, others neutralize the impurities in your air without first filtering them. Another type is the negative ion emitting air purifier, which operates by attracting positive ion contaminants in the air to neutralize them. This option, however, poses a risk to the environment due to ozone emissions.
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