Planning a surprise for my sister

My sister and I had not spent time together alone in a long time! She was married with boys, and I was pursuing higher education outside the country, but despite the distance, we still kept a close bond, we still relied on each other through good and hard times like we had all our lives, last summer, I came home to surprise her with a trip, but her husband and I had planned it out, and she knew nothing about it.

I pulled up in her driveway with an RV and began blowing the horn. She came out running and was so shocked to see me. After greetings that involved a lot of screaming, her hubby brought out his packed bags which he knew nothing about. Next, we had to pack a few essential items, which included some portable AC systems, and the RV owner had recommended that I bring some just in case there was a concern with the RV a/c unit. I planned to take us to some lovely countryside spots, and finding an AC maintenance guy there would be tough. As we were packing, my sister was bawling out of control. She couldn’t know we had planned a whole trip behind his back, and his hubby had packed his bags without his noticing. After getting everything organized, his hubby took care of the RV AC to be sure it was in good condition. He worked as an AC mechanic and knew what to look for in a functional a/c unit. The AC was good and had a new air filter, so the possibilities of shutting down were slimmer. Still, he insisted we have the portable AC units because the summer time heat was extreme. After saying goodbye to the family, we set off on our trip and began exchanging lots of funny stories along the way.



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