Single mom needs a cleaning crew to help out

I am a single mom of four young children. I work a full time job. I recently had to admit that I needed some help around the house. I finally hired a maid service to handle the regular house cleaning. My kids are still little, but they are good about picking up their toys and keeping their rooms fairly organized. They aren’t overly helpful when it comes to cleaning. I tried to manage all of the responsibilities on my own. I wasn’t keeping up. The house was a mess, and I was stressed and exhausted. Instead of playing with the kids, I was rushing around trying to sweep, mop, vacuum and dust. I barely found the time to do laundry and the dishes. Just getting groceries can be a struggle. I was struggling to sleep at night and get up in the mornings. There were little fingerprints and sticky spots all over the place. I don’t want my kids growing up in a dirty house. I worry about the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus. That led me to hiring an actual cleaning crew. After reading customer reviews for a few different cleaning services, I chose a family owned and operated business. I was able to sign up online. This cleaning crew has been such a help. They show up every week and complete the job in about two hours. The house is spotless when they are done. I am able to breathe and relax and spend quality time with my kids. It’s definitely worth the money. Hiring a maid service has improved my mood, sleep and overall quality of life.

Cleaning lady

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