Trying to always choose a hotel with a fitness center

Anytime the hotel advertises a health club, I get worried

When I go on a vacation, I first research every tiny detail. I make the effort to plan an itinerary that incorporates a variety of different sites with lots of things I like to do. I also prefer when there are physical activities included, such as zip lining, hiking, kayaking or even cycling through the city. I then research to find the best restaurants that offer reasonably priced vegetarian meals. My wife is very spoiled. When she takes a trip with me, every aspect is all taken care of for her. I choose a hotel that is centrally located and make sure there’s a spot for dinner for us every night. She can stay in the hotel room and relax while I take care of my hour long workout. Every hotel I choose, I prioritize a decent sized fitness room. Now and then, my wife and I head to remote areas where a fitness center is not accessible. I then select a hotel with plenty of open space surrounding it. I know I can always go for a run around the hotel or jump rope right on the grounds. I make sure to stay fairly close to the hotel to play it safe. I like to have a bathroom nearby. Most of the time, I can at least find a hotel with a basic fitness room. There’s usually a treadmill, stationary bike and a limited selection of free weights. I have seen that when a hotel claims they have a full gym, there is usually just the most basic equipment included. A fitness center might offer more machines. I am always hopeful for an elliptical and maybe a rowing machine. Anytime the hotel advertises a health club, I get worried. This usually adds up to a sauna, steam room and the opportunity to schedule a massage. I have ended up completing push ups and squats in a steam room while dripping sweat. That isn’t the most enjoyable workout experience.

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