We need help cleaning the shop

I’m so grateful that my wife and I were able to realize our goal of starting our own thrift shop.

It’s something that started out as a hobby and grew over the years. We both work full time jobs. In our spare time, we’ve always liked to search antique shops, garage sales, estate sales and yard sales for treasures. This led to us accumulating so many things that we started to offer them for sale online. The plan of opening a little shop of our own sort of happened organically. What we didn’t think about was the need for a commercial cleaning crew to maintain a clean appearance. We were handling most of the basic janitorial services ourselves. We found the time to empty the waste baskets, dust, vacuum and that sort of thing. It was no big problem. However, the bigger tasks started to get away from us. There was no time to deep clean our floors, wash windows or wash down all of the shelves. Our shop is sizable and full of inventory. The floors are hardwood and tend to scuff. They require a deep floor cleaning, regular maintenance and polishing. We lacked the expertise, products and equipment to properly handle the job. My wife or I would mop the floors and they would look worse when we were done. The constant traffic caused them to get scuffed up and dingy looking. I rented a commercial floor cleaner to complete the job. This turned into a waste of time and effort. The floors looked the same when I was done. It finally occurred to us that we should hire a professional cleaning service. A weekly visit is sufficient. The cleaning service manages all of the necessary tasks to keep the shop clean and professional.

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