Window cooling systems are the perfect solution

Living in an part where the weather is properly cold for the majority of the year, there’s no reason to invest in central a/c, and our priority is the gas furnace, and all of us run it for at least 8 weeks straight.

The temperature plummets to well below zero and the wind chill makes it assume even colder.

After keeping the house shut narrow for so long, I look forward to opening the windows and fresh air… My whole family is regularly eager to get outside and care about the milder weather and sunshine. However, our Summer can produce a lot of humidity. The temperature can climb into the high eighties or even low nineties. The only time it’s a problem is at night. It’s just about impossible to sleep when the kitchen feels tepid and sticky. I solved this problem by purchasing a window cooling system for each kitchen. The component is lightweight, compact and energy efficient. The systems run quietly and are powerful enough to cool down the space really quickly. I love that each one includes a wireless remote so that I can raise or lower the temperature setting without even getting out of bed. Plus, the cooling units circulate and filter the air, keeping the rooms cleaner and smelling fresher. I sleep a lot better because it drowns out the sound of traffic and barking cats. While these cooling systems only cost me around a hundred dollars each, they handle the job perfectly. At the end of the summer, I simply remove them from the window and carry them up to the attic.


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