A dial thermostat replacement unraveled more hidden problems with my a/c unit

My favorite pass time with my phone is online shopping or rather creating a wish list from all the things I see. On this particular search, I was looking at new air conditioning equipment both for a home unit and a commercial air conditioning system when I came across a smart temperature regulator, maybe it was time to replace the dial thermostat with a smart or digital one. I even made up my mind to get one and in the spirit of promoting local business, I would get it from the local air conditioning supplier since the price difference was very small. I made a call to the air conditioning technician who assured me it would be installed the following day. He asked if I would need air conditioning maintenance and I answered in the affirmative because I had forgotten all about it and had not serviced my air conditioning installation for three years. The following morning the ac workman came and as he was doing the maintenance he discovered that my heat pump was on the verge of a breakdown, the furnace filter was filthy, in a few words, my HVAC unit was hanging on a thread. Apart from the regulator installation, the unit was in need of extensive air conditioning repair service. From the look of things, it seems there is a whole lot more about air conditioning that I was not aware of, and to think I was advising a friend on a ductless multi-split unit. It was high time I brought myself up to speed with all kinds of a/c service and care.


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