A summer road trip for the whole family

Summer has always been my favorite season. I was always the odd one out in my family because while my mom and my siblings would complain about the heat and would be looking forward to the fall, I was always enjoying the summer and everything that came with it. I loved the beauty, how everything was in bloom and a rich green color, and the endless potential for fun summer activities. My family always took vacations during the cooler months of the year, and while it was still fun, I never enjoyed the cooler weather all that much. I can handle the cool months of fall but the coldness of winter is something I will never get used to. When I got my own place and met my now husband, I was very happy when he shared his love for the warm summer weather as much as I did. So my husband and I plus our three children all decided a summer vacation would be perfect. We threw all our stuff in the car and headed out on a road trip. Everything was going great until the cool air stopped coming out of the vents in the car. I may love the heat, but without the a/c the heat can quickly become too much even for me. I talked to my husband and we agreed we would need to find a HVAC repair shop. We looked up auto repair shops near us and thankfully there was one not too far away. We took our broken air conditioner to the shop and the cooling professionals there quickly had our a/c fixed. Then we were back on our way.


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