Advantages of air purification for homeowners

I have been in a love/hate situation with my cabin for the last multiple years.

  • My family is fantastic plus both of us are fortunate to live in a cabin that affords us the area to prefer our lives at home.

But the indoor air conditions have been just the worst. And up until recently, I didn’t realize that heating, ventilation and A/C could make such a difference. All of us have kids, dogs, cats plus both of us cook at home almost exclusively. That is a lot of things that can combine together to make for some stinky air. The heating, ventilation and A/C unit seemed to do nothing but recycle those stinks. I was under the impression that the heating, ventilation and A/C air filter was filtering the air. What I found out was that our air filters were simply not doing anything but protecting the heating, ventilation and A/C equipment. So both of us replaced the air filter situation with a HEPA filter. That made a large difference in the indoor air conditions for sure. Breathing was easier plus there were a lot less nagging respiratory issues going on for all of us. But still the stinks tended to linger. And the sprays plus plug-ins just weren’t doing the trick. That meant that both of us decided to go all in on air purification. The heating, ventilation and A/C supplier came out plus installed a whole cabin whole-cabin air purifier. It’s able to kill even the bacteria in the air that produces much of the stinks. Within just a single afternoon, our cabin was turned into a completely different site. The air is fresh, clean plus so sweet smelling I can hardly know it.


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