Yoga is a beneficial workout

Yoga is a full body exercise program.

  • It focuses on mental, spiritual and physical wellness.

I never considered yoga as a strenuous exercise until I gave it a try. Through yoga classes at the fitness center, I’ve improved flexibility, strength and balance. As I’ve gotten better at the various poses, I’ve been able to use it to relieve painful back issues and arthritis symptoms. I used to suffer from aching and swollen joints. I found it difficult to make a fist, touch my toes or even sleep at night. Yoga has made a huge difference. I have gained range of motion. I have become stronger. It is also wonderful for heart health. These classes work to loosen up my muscles and relax my body. I sleep better, have more energy during the day and enjoy a better outlook. Yoga has also proven to be an effective tool for weight loss. The poses require a great deal of focus, strength and balance. Although it is a low-impact exercise, it works every part of our body. I look forward to my yoga class three times per week. It helps me to alleviate stress. Rather than think about work responsibilities, home improvement projects or other issues, I take the time to focus on my health and wellness. I follow instructions and push myself. I feel good about my accomplishments. I switch up yoga with other styles of exercises throughout the week. I make sure to target high intensity cardio and weight training as well.




New year’s resolution to get fit

I have made huge improvements in my level of flexibility and balance

I made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I knew it was going to be tough but was determined to improve my appearance and health. I also realized that a little help was going to be essential. I decided to join a fitness center. I did some research and found a local fitness center that remains open 24 hours. When I paid my fees, I received a key card that provides access any time of the day or night. This is especially beneficial to me because I work a changing schedule. There are times when I’m free in the middle of the day. Sometimes, I need to be able to workout late at night. This fitness center has turned out to be perfect for me. I started making an effort to workout six days per week. I switch between running on the treadmill and using the stationary bikes or ellipticals for cardio training. I dedicate around 30 minutes of the workout to high intensity cardio. It feels great to get my heart pumping and work up a sweat. I then move onto strength training. I like to simply lift free weights. However, I’ve found that the strength training machines are really helpful for targeting specific muscles. The machines are self-explanatory and allow easy adjustment of the weight. Since I’m not trying to bulk up, I stick with low weight and high repetition. I make sure to properly warm up, cool down and focus on a thorough stretch. It feels wonderful. I have made huge improvements in my level of flexibility and balance. I have noticed muscle tone in my arms and legs and increased my energy and stamina. Joining the gym was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Weight lifting

Switching to a healthy lifestyle

I suddenly liked to go for runs, ride my bike and swim.

I have struggled with weight problems since I went through puberty. It felt as if I was a skinny kid one day and then a chubby teenager the next. My parents both worked full-time jobs. They were rarely at home. I was clueless how to get in better shape. I wasn’t eating right or involved in any type of sports or physical activity. It wasn’t until I went away to college that I found the courage and determination to make some changes. The college offered free nutritional counselling. That’s where I learned how to eat healthy. I started introducing new food groups into my diet and eliminating bad habits. I quit drinking coffee and soda and switched to green tea and water. I stopped eating fast food and developed a taste for fresh fruits and vegetables. The nutritionist suggested that I sign up with a personal trainer. This was also free through a school program. I met with the trainer at the school’s gym four times per week. It was difficult. After the sessions, I was so stiff and sore that I could barely walk up the stairs to my dorm room. However, the trainer was really encouraging and I stuck with it. I still remember the first time I looked in the mirror and saw a difference in my body. All of a sudden I had muscle tone. I could see definition in my arms and legs. I gradually increase my flexibility and stamina. I suddenly liked to go for runs, ride my bike and swim. I gained confidence and set more challenging goals. Since college, I have made my health and fitness a priority. I workout every day and feel great.



Cross fit classes

Personal trainer changes my life

When I was a kid, my family didn’t prioritize a healthy lifestyle.

  • Both of my parents worked full-time jobs and there wasn’t a lot of time to grocery shop or cook well-balanced meals.

We often ordered pizza or took advantage of the drive-thru for dinner. There were always snacks in the cupboards. We rarely had any fresh fruit or vegetables available. Because my mom and dad weren’t available to drive me to practices or games, I never joined any sports teams. I wasn’t encouraged to go outside and run around. I spent a lot of time playing video games and watching television. For the majority of my life, I struggled with my weight. I was always chubby and self-conscious. Although I wanted to get in better shape, I had no idea of how to go about it. As an adult, I finally decided to join a gym. I was given a tour of the facilities but that didn’t really give me confidence. I had no clue how to properly use the machines. I didn’t know how to warm up, stretch or workout without hurting myself. I am so thankful that I caught sight of a flyer advertising the services of a personal trainer. That phone call changed my life. I started working out with a personal trainer four days per week. The trainer nearly killed me. But she also taught me how to eat better and workout on my own on the free days. I lost the extra weight, toned my muscles and gained strength and stamina. I got motivated to set new goals.


Weight lifting

This was not my choice

I was not very ecstatic about this at all

I recently had been on a company trip for a task which caused myself and others to have to go halfway across the country to another state for a few days. While I was there I stayed at what was supposed to be a 5 star hotel. Well, the whole hotel itself may have been 5 star plus honestly nice. But it was all ruined whenever the central a/c plan in the hotel was less than perfect. It was possibly the worst a/c I suppose I ever experienced in a hotel. I had stayed in dingy little dirt hole motels when I was a teenager that had better a/c than this supposed to be 5 star hotel! The most wonderful thing was that our task was paying for the hotel stay. If it had been out of our own pocket, I would have most likely left plus found someplace else to happily stay. But because it was free, I stayed. I went out to a hardware store in the neighborhood plus purchased a portable a/c plan to plug in our hotel room, which made it feel so that I felt indoor comfort in the room when I was sleeping at least. I was not very ecstatic about this at all. I honestly did complain about it to the management plus they definitely were not helpful at all. They kind of blew myself and others off like they knew all about what I was saying plus didn’t plan on fixing their a/c. I can only imagine what this horrible place is like in the cold Winters with the heating! It’s no wonder they are still in business!

air conditioner

I will succeed at HVAC

I just graduated from a local Heating & Air Conditioning school plus I am so glad to go out and get our first task as a certified heating plus a/c specialist! I got a task with this huge local heat plus air conditioner supplier plus they are honestly giving myself and others tons of on the task training. The chief Heating & Air Conditioning specialist is totally great plus honestly knows how to help myself and others along in doing our first pro heat plus air conditioner repairs plus Heating & Air Conditioning replacements. I have already been working now for about 3 weeks plus they are ready to let myself and others go out for a while on our own plus start taking the heating plus a/c service condo service calls myself! In about another month I will be doing this plus the chief heating plus a/c specialist will be on to carefully training other new Heating & Air Conditioning workers on the task. This is the start of something super for myself and others I can tell. I know that I am going to have the most lovely job in the heating plus a/c business. This is something that I have dreamed of personally doing since I was in our mid teens plus our uncle who was also a certified pro heating plus a/c specialist got myself and others honestly interested in this job! Many wise people our age didn’t have a life direction or job, but I thankfully did. And here I am now very honestly in the start stages of it honestly happening! And most of all, I am seeming to be successful at it!
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I’m glad that they can listen

I task for an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier as an employer plus one of the chief heating plus a/c specialists.

By being in this position that generally means that when the people I was with and I hire new heat plus air conditioner specialists quickly out of school, I am the one that gives them their on the task training plus go with them for a while to all heat plus air conditioner appointments for their first month of task, at least, to see if they are going to task out or if I am going to have to fire them.

I have to tell you pointedly that every single new heating plus a/c specialist I provided on the task training was nothing short of amazing. I have never had to fire anyone once! They all take direction incredibly well plus are romantic about becoming a full fledged professional heating plus modern a/c specialist. Most of them I honestly have out on their own personal Heating & Air Conditioning service calls within less than a week! That is how well they take careful direction plus learn fast. I seriously hope that this kind of luck continues for me. Because I would absolutely hate to have to fire anyone plus ruin their hopes plus dreams of being a heating plus a/c specialist! Back when I first became a heating plus cooling specialist the many people I was with and I didn’t have on the task training. It was that they carelessly threw you right out into the field plus if you messed up, you were done! They sure have it so much better this week, plus I am so over the moon to be able to be a part of it all!


air conditioner installation

Let's put our services together!

Our local heating plus a/c supplier just made a major change that vastly improved their quality of service.

They ended up merging with a competitor heat plus indoor central air conditioner supplier here in the city which provided them more professional heating plus a/c workers in an ever so busy market.

Before this, they were having drastic daily concerns keeping up with all the heating plus a/c service calls they would get plus it resulted in people having to hire independent heat plus air conditioner specialists or to switch to another more established heat plus cooling company to take care of all their pricey Heating & Air Conditioning needs. It was honestly wise transfer on their part to get rapidly involved in this merger because otherwise they would have for sure went out of business. No one I knew was wanting to use them anymore because of how unreliable they had become. But all of that business worry is no more! Now they are honestly unbelievable plus possibly the very best heating plus a/c supplier in the local area. They beat out all the others because of their super prompt service, their emergency Heating & Air Conditioning condo services plus their careful attention to detail when doing heating plus a/c plan tune ups plus check ups. It is an unbelievable thing. I suppose other heating plus cooling companies that may be experiencing the same issues these folks were should look into doing some kind of merger to save their family Heating & Air Conditioning dealership!
Heater maintenance

I want to get a better system

I have to tell you all that I am not a fan of using smart control units! I have been renting this home I live in for almost 3 years now plus I know supposedly it has all smart technology.

  • Not just the control unit.

But let myself and others tell you the nightmare is just to turn off the central heating plus a/c. With this smart control component plus thestupid way it works for some reason, if your condo gets too sizzling or too cold from way too much heating or a/c, it is not as easy as just going to the control component to turn it off rapidly like normal. Nope, not at all. You can go plus turn it off but the darn thing will keep on running for at least another 3 hours! I have never seen such horrible operations of a central heating plus a/c plan in our entire life! So if you are chilly from too much a/c or about to pass out from too much indoor heating, if you have one of these smart control units you better be prepared to suffer another 3 hours after you turn it off! Because it will not stop. One time I swear it seemed like a year before it shut off. I know that’s exaggerating a bit, but it was more than the official 3 hours. So I highly request against getting smart control units. That is if what I am talking about bothers you. If it doesn’t annoy you, maybe smart control units do have some small benefits like energy savings.


Air conditioner service

Let’s do this the smartest way possible

I have had the same gas furnace in our condo for well over 3 decades plus it honestly did myself and others great! Just this year though, the rusted up gas furnace finally broke down to the point where it had to be detached plus a new furnace put in where it belongs.

  • The problem was, because of the build of our condo, the more current furnaces, even electric ones, were strenuous to make work! My Favorite local heating plus a/c supplier sent out Heating & Air Conditioning specialists to try to see if they could figure out a solution.

And honestly there was only one. And that was to quickly change the way I heat our condo plus go with a common central heating plus a/c plan unit. The whole brand new plus current central heating plus a/c plan units can really adapt to nearly any home. Old or new. And I know it is going to cost myself and others a bit more in energy use plus higher electric bills to run it. I am going to go with a brand new, current plus pretty top of the line central heating plus large a/c plan component for our home! I already have a central a/c on its own, so there honestly isn’t much extra task that needs to be done in order to get the brand new plus current version of central heating plus a/c plan installed plus fully working throughout our home. The professional replacement of the new central heating plus a/c component will take place early next week. And this week, they will be removing the broken down plus way out-dated gas furnace.

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