Beach house without a working air conditioner

My husband had me completely fooled last summer when he said we had no plans.

I was hoping we would get away when we both had time off work.

But, he said he had to go anywhere with his brother and was acting suspiciously. I spoke to my best friend about it, and he told me not to overthink the situation. It turned out he was in on the surprise and got me out of the home one day. She asked me to take him to the farmers market when my husband packed my bags and came to pick me up! We started driving on a different route, and I found myself in a beach house! He had planned it out well since the locale was appealing with an effective cooling system. That was the first thing I noticed when I got an opportunity to walk around the good beach property. The AC method was constantly on as per the owner’s instruction to keep the space comfortable. It was a scorching summer time, and no one could survive without an air conditioner, and over a few afternoons into the stay, I was regretting why I had not insisted the two of us book a hotel. The beach property owner was out of the city when the AC unit stopped working. I woke up one evening soaking wet only to realize the cooling unit had shut down. I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower after waking up my husband. He tried to reach the homeowner but was not successful. He went to check the thermostat and found it blank. We were not in a position to contact an AC mechanic to come and repair it because the space was new to us and remote. So, we kept the fan on and hoped the owner would get out messages soon. It was multiple afternoons when the owner sent an HVAC professional to come and repair the faulty AC unit. By that time I was ready to leave and never return again.

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