Being an HVAC technician’s wife is a hard job

Let me tell you, being an HVAC technician’s wife is a really hard job.

You just never know what you’re getting into when you get married to someone.

I guess you always go into it thinking that it’s going to be the best and easiest thing ever, but sometimes it just doesn’t end up that way. Don’t get me wrong. I do love my husband and being married to him but his job is tough to deal with sometimes. He has been an HVAC technician for a heating and cooling company here in town for the past seven years. We have been married for six and a half years now, so that means that I have been having to deal with this heating and cooling company the whole entire time that the two of us have been married. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they wouldn’t go around trying to change his schedule all the time. However, my husband is actually the best HVAC technician that they have and so people are always calling and requesting him to come and work on their HVAC systems for them. This would be fine if he actually got tips or bonuses on all of those extra jobs, but the company doesn’t give him anything because of these calls. I don’t really think they realized just how valuable someone like him is to the company. When your clients like you so much that they call and ask for you by name just so that they can make sure you’re the one to fix their air conditioning, you know that you have a really great HVAC technician working for you. It’s hard to be married to him and not say anything to his employers.

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