Being out of shape results in injury

I recently suffered a scare that has gotten me a lot more focused on my health. I was attending a corporation conference and was in meetings and seminars for hours. When I went back to my hotel room feeling dehydrated, sticky and tired, I just wanted a shower. I stepped out of the shower onto the slippery floor and fell badly. I managed to whack my head against the sink vanity. I couldn’t catch my own weight, so I tumbled awkwardly and ended up puncturing a lung. I was stuck in the hospital for several days and missed the remainder of the conference. I also lost a ton of money because of medical bills and prescriptions. I was disgusted with my lack of strength and balance. I slipped and wasn’t able to prevent my head and body from getting injured. I crashed into the vanity and ground because of being so out of shape. I lacked strength, coordination and balance. I knew I needed to make a change. I now attend a local health club for personal training. I don’t worry about having six-pack abs, muscular arms or the physique of Chris Hemsworth. I just want to know that if I fall, I’ll have the ability to catch myself. My personal trainer has been really great about working towards my specific goal. We practice falling, incorporate tons of stretching techniques and focus on balance exercises. The personal trainer pushes me to focus on cardio training as well. She is not impressed with my lack of stamina. She also has recommended nutritional counseling to help make progress with weight loss. I am so happy with the results I am seeing. Even though it is still the early stages of this new life plan. I don’t ever intend to be in a situation where I am too weak to protect myself again.

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