Can’t do business with somebody who is dishonest and deceptive

I was not happy when an HVAC professional came to my house the other day. I was just going for my regular heating tune-up and this guy was saying he needed to check everything with the HVAC. So I let him have it while I was watching my main football team play. Believe me, I didn’t want to have my HVAC tune-up on a Sunday, but that was the only time I could fit in without having to call off work. I have to admit, I was a little bit annoyed when the guy kept asking me what the score was. Then I heard a loud banging noise and ran to see what was going on. The HVAC professional said it was nothing and shrugged it off. Well, suddenly after the HVAC technician was done, my heating system was struggling to work. It wasn’t even having this trouble before that guy worked with everything. I had to call another HVAC company to get somebody else to help me out. The other guy who came out asked who was working on my HVAC before because there was a busted part inside that had to be replaced immediately. I was furious and I ended up taking my complaint to that HVAC company with the official report from this new HVAC professional. I said the previous HVAC worker broke a vital part in my HVAC and didn’t say anything about it and left it broken. That was highly unprofessional and various deceptive. I honestly can’t do business with somebody who works like that!

Hybrid HVAC system

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