Didn’t expect to get hit in the head by the HVAC door

I sat down on the chair for a couple of hours to gather my bearings & total awareness

My pal warned me not to try to work on my Heating & Air Conditioning appliance separate from help or guidance! I honestly did not think it was a major deal to take the appliance apart & look for the setback. My pal is an electrician & another pal works as an engineer. Both guys easily suggested calling in a professional. Neither of them even offered to assist with the problem. I waited until Tuesday to take the appliance apart. The first thing I did was remove the cover from the front of the machine. The front of the cover is similar to a door. It has a swivel hinge on the top that permits the front cover of the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance to stay open while the job is performed. It resembles an automobile hood separate from the arm to hold the cover entirely in place. The cover has regularly remained in one position, but last Tuesday when I was entirely working on the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance. The hinges were not working regularly & the door easily shut & hit me directly in the head. Happily the door isn’t undoubtedly heavy, but it still hurts. I sat down on the chair for a couple of hours to gather my bearings & total awareness. The longer I sat on the chair looking at the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance, the more I realized that I should reach out to a professional. I called one of my neighbors & I asked the guy if he could recommend a business in town that handles repairs & replacement work. My neighbor was more than happy to supply me with the names of a few reputable HVAC contractors.

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