Duct cleaning improved my allergy symptoms

Within the past few days, my allergies have really been acting up.

Anything that gets in my vicinity is almost destined to get sneezed on.

Usually my allergies are manageable with thorough cleaning and my medications. But maybe there is extra pollen or dust in the air, because I have had an allergy storm as of recently. I started doing a bit of reading, anything to get my allergies to stop. One of the things I read on was an air purifier, which is something I have been wanting to buy for a long time now. Most of the websites I shop on, I actually have air cleaners on my wishlist. Well now is a better time than ever to go ahead and buy one, and after reading reviews, I felt ever more reassured that I was making the right decision. I went ahead and ordered the whole home media air cleaner, and I was greeted with a message saying that due to delays my order will likely arrive late. My order wasn’t predicted to arrive for another 2 weeks! There was no way I could wait that long while still sneezing, so while I waited, I looked for other options. Another suggested method was getting duct cleaning. Apparently a lot of dust and other gunk get stuck in your air vents and ducts, and can cause allergies. So I called an A/C business that did duct cleanings. They came out and were done cleaning the air ducts within a few hours. I definitely noticed a difference, I wasn’t sneezing as much and I felt a bit better. That will be enough until I get the whole home media air purifier.

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