I almost forgot about my warranty

About a week ago, I noticed my cooling system was having issues again.

I was so sick and tired of dealing with this darn air conditioning device.

The past couple of years it has been giving me nothing but trouble and continuous visits from the heating and air conditioning technician, which is more money out of my pocket that I can’t afford. Anyways, the reason why I didn’t get a new one and keep paying to have my bad one repaired is because I simply couldn’t afford it. I originally asked my wife for help, but she told me it was my idea to install this model of HVAC, even though she was against it, so it was my responsibility. However, now that she’s been suffering without the cooling device as well, she told me that she could pay half as long as we choose the HVAC device that she wants. I was okay with anything at this point, and so my wife consulted a certified HVAC specialist for HVAC technology recommendations. Once the selected air conditioner was installed in our home and working again, the cooling technician reminded me about the warranty. I didn’t think I would forget about it, so I didn’t pay him much mind. It actually wasn’t until a week later when I was about ready to go to bed did I realize I never registered the warranty. I don’t know how fast you need to register the warranty but it has been a week. I immediately hopped up and registered the warranty, and now without that worry on my mind, I was able to go back to bed.

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