I asked about my brother’s air conditioning system

Living in a cramped apartment was not enjoyable in the least. The door creaked, the microwave stopped working and the HVAC was a mess. However it was better than living with my ex boyfriend, who at times, became physically abusive. Now that I am finally independent, I can make my own decisions, I just wish I could have afforded a better place. The lack of air conditioning I think is what bothers me the most, because it seems like it would be a very easy issue to fix. I’ve read about HVAC equipment and how you would go about fixing them, and while I don’t plan on trying it myself, it didn’t seem that hard. However, my landlord acted as if I asked them to climb into a volcano when I mentioned sending a cooling serviceman out. He acted as if me merely asking that was a crime! So when I visited my brother’s place and felt the absolute contrast in temperatures I was impressed. My brother’s indoor air quality reminded me of spring, it was fresh and clean. The cooling unit was working very well, and it did a great job of keeping his home cool. I doubt that I will be getting out of my apartment anytime soon, but with an A/C component this nice, I had to ask what kind he had. My brother had to check, and then he told the A/C model and the place that had it installed. If I ever get a home, I know what air conditioner I am getting.

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