I didn’t want to have to worry about the heater

Finally, after several months of working with very little break, I finally took a few days off for mental rest.

I needed a vacation, and to enjoy myself.

Well I was on my first day of my vacation, when of course, that is when the heater stopped working. No, I thought to myself. Why on my day off? This is supposed to be a stress free few days. I was in my bed when I heard the furnace stop heating the house, and I was quite content to stay there. But knowing that I might not be able to get the heater back on continued to be a worry in the back of my mind, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep with that on my mind. So I got up and looked at the heating system. I couldn’t see anything physically wrong with it, so it was probably internal. The heater had been having issues for a while now, and now that I was wide awake and I had a few days off, now was a better time than ever to get the heating component checked out. I phoned the A/C company down the street and thankfully they were free for late today. The HVAC repairman arrived a good bit later today and checked over the heater. He told me that he could repair it, but it would likely fail again, because the heating machine was reaching the end of its life span, which is another issue I will have to worry about, but that will be in the future.


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