I got all the right supplies for camping when I was young, including my space heater

I was really excited when I learned that I would be going camping when I got into the scouts when I was a youngster.

I had no clue what I had to get to be prepared though.

I had to get all kinds of things like a tent, sleeping bag, hiking backpack, and various other supplies like flashlights and spare batteries. I had to learn how to survive in the wilderness pretty much and it was an enjoyable time. Well, the one thing I had that most others didn’t have was a portable space heater for my tent. It wasn’t all that powerful and you wouldn’t want to use it in the room of your house or anything, but it was able to provide perfect heating for my little two man tent. I honestly think they were being generous saying that it’s good to sleep two full grown men, because there’s not all that much space, but it’s comfortable for just me when I’m out there camping. That space heater got me through some very cold nights too, especially when we would go on winter camping trips. Those were kind of brutal, but it was alright so long as you dressed warm enough. The best part was always hanging out around the fireplace. Most of us would cook our meals over the fireplace, oftentimes cooking meat on sticks while rotating them over the fireplace. With the right seasoning, that was some of the best food to be honest. That was a long time ago when I was a scout, but I still have that old school space heater to this day. My son is talking about being a scout now and I totally support that and I will be getting him similar supplies I had when I was a youngster, especially a nice space heater.

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