I had to deal with a difficult customer

My boss called me over to talk about a certain customer.

The past couple of times, this one customer has been difficult.

I work as a heating and air conditioning technician at the HVAC company, and because my boss knows how well I am at handling difficult customers, he decided to send me out this time to confront the difficult customer without angering him. Last time he was getting HVAC service he was reluctant to pay the bill for the service, but he did pay. This time he is completely refusing to pay for service, so my boss sent me out to calmly explain things. When I arrived at the home, I could already tell the guy was in a bad mood, which didn’t look good. He was pretty mad, and it was hard to get a word in without him cutting me off, so I instead let him rant until he tired himself, and then I calmly explained the bill and what each of our services mean. I find that a lot of people are reluctant to pay because they don’t quite understand what they are paying for, so they worry that we are overcharging them, which is a reasonable concern, since some places might actually do that. Once the guy had actually calmed down a little, I was able to point out what each service meant and why he was paying them. A great example was his refrigerant was low, so we refilled it. After I explained everything, he was much calmer and agreed to pay the bill.


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