I lost faith in my heating and cooling provider

I am the kind of person that likes to stay loyal to one heating and air conditioning company.

I have found that this works much better for me than jumping from one HVAC business to the next.

For the most part this has worked very well for me, I have been visiting the same heating and air conditioning provider for close to 20 years now and for the longest time they have never let me down. However over the past year, my experiences with them have been subpar. This has been the case ever since they have been under new management. I used to know the original owner. He was a very friendly older guy that built the company from the ground up with the goal in mind that everybody has affordable access to quality heating and cooling installation and repair. However, he passed away sadly last year, and his wife has been managing the business ever since. I do believe she is trying her best, but the service just isn’t as good. Prices have jumped up and now it takes forever to even get a heating and cooling professional out to your home. My last HVAC appointment was me getting some tune-ups for my furnace before the winter, and the heating repairman messed up and damaged my heater, and the time before that I made a heating and cooling service appointment and nobody ever showed up. I have lost faith in my favorite HVAC company and I think it is time for me to start looking somewhere else.

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