I loved the ductless mini split air conditioning system in the rental house

I really loved the ductless mini split air conditioning system in the rental house that we stayed in over vacation. We had never been to a place with this type of heating and air conditioning system before, and so we weren’t really even sure how it worked whenever we first arrived at the rental house. We were thinking that we were going to go into a place that had a regular sort of thermostat unit just like the one that we have at home. But that wasn’t the case at all. Whenever we went into the rental house, we noticed that it was extra warm inside. The weather was really heating up outside that day and so we were actually looking forward to getting into the house and turning the air conditioning on full blast! Imagine our surprise whenever we went into the house and we could not find a thermostat unit anywhere in the entire house! We looked and looked for a thermostat and we couldn’t find one. Just before I started to call the rental property manager, my husband noticed that there was a weird looking box on the wall that looked like it might have air vents on the top of it. It turned out that this was a ductless mini split heating and cooling system. This was the HVAC system for the entire rental house, which was basically an open floor plan so the ductless mini split worked really well in it. The HVAC system had a remote control with it too, so it was easy to control from anywhere in the room. I really liked it and we thought that the rental unit was great.

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