I put a gate around my air conditioning unit

I had just bought a home a few months ago, and it took me a few weeks but eventually I had everything moved from my previous home to my new home.

Once I had settled in a bit, then came the decorating.

I always loved the decorating aspect of homes, and it is always something I looked forward to. It didn’t take me long to cover the walls with paintings and tapestries as well as many family photos. Nor did it take me long to furnish all of the rooms with matching sets of tables and chairs. Once I was done with my handiwork, I stepped back to admire it. As beautiful as I had made the inside of my home, no one was going to see it but me, since I lived alone. However there was still a lot on the outside that needed to be done as well, and that is something people can see, so I can show off to my neighbors how great my home looks. One of the updates I have been meaning to do is get a gate around my air conditioner. I really dislike the fact that the A/C device can be seen from the road. Since it’s grey and my home is yellow, it sticks out pretty badly. Thankfully it wasn’t that hard to go online and find some cheap but very pretty fence designs that could be placed around the air conditioner. There are places that offer professional gate installation, but I don’t think I need something like that for something so simple. I know my house is going to look great when I am done.



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