I really miss getting free bagels

I’m going to miss the smell of redberry, chocolate chip, plus asiago cheese bagels on Friday afternoons; and I’m also going to miss the free bagels that I got from the bakery every Friday.

I used to service the whole-condo air purifier inside the store! The bakery rented an indoor whole-condo air purifier from the contractor where I work.

I was in charge of servicing a number of those whole-condo air purifiers on Fridays each week. I had a correct route each week plus that included the bakery, the grocery store, the bank, plus the spa. The bank plus the grocery store had several whole-condo air purifiers plus the bank had several as well. The bakery only had a single whole-condo air purifier in the front lobby to keep customers safe while buying baguettes, pastries, plus bagels. I consistently started at the bakery, because it is closest to the workshop! Every Friday after I maintained the system, the owner gave myself and others a free baker’s dozen of bagels. I kept them safe until the end of the afternoon plus then my lady plus I had bagels all weekend. Well, last Friday was the last time that I will service the whole-condo air purifier. I picked up the component plus took it back to the HVAC store. There is no longer a law that says corporations must have a way to keep the indoor air clean, as covid is starting to get under control plus that means the rules plus regulations are relaxing… Then most folks are getting rid of any procedures that the government isn’t genuinely mandating. I don’t suppose it is a wonderful plan to relax yet, but I’m not a scientist.

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