I wish I had an air purifier in my car

I’m on the road for hours everyday doing deliveries.

When I lost my job last year, I decided to pursue working doing grocery runs for stores in my area. Once a customer makes an online order through the grocery store’s website, I’m sent a notification on my phone with the grocery list. When I get to the store, I use a scanner to process each item before leaving and taking it all to the customer. On a busy day I’m doing anywhere between 15 and 20 runs from the mid morning to early evening hours. It’s really good money considering the hardest part of the job is managing my time wisely so I get my deliveries to my customers on time without being late. Unfortunately, I struggle from seasonal allergies and right now we have a lot of pollen and dust in the air. Although I wear masks whenever I’m in the store or speaking with a customer, I usually take them off when I get back to my car. My nose swells up and I get considerable sinus congestion as well. As the air conditioner cycles in the car, I feel considerable discomfort from my allergy symptoms. I really wish that I could get an air purifier for my car like the one that I have in my house. If I could find a cigarette lighter power adapter that can power a plug in air purifier, I would buy it in a heartbeat so I can get some much needed sinus and respiratory relief while I’m on the go running my deliveries for the grocery stores. It helps having a car air conditioner with removable filters, but the best thing would be a separate air purifier to improve the air quality along with the air temperature.


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