It seems that nobody has fireplaces around these parts

I used to live in a place where everybody had a fireplace, until I moved when I was offered a promotion through my work.

I was used to living in the cold weather with multiple heating sources.

We had our fireplace, oil furnace, and portable heating systems where we would place as needed. It was alway rough getting through the cold weather, but we would regularly prepare for everything through regular HVAC system maintenance and taking care of the fireplace. Well, I was pretty disappointed when I was unable to find a home with a fireplace at my new location. I didn’t care if the weather was mostly warm all the time, I still wanted my fireplace! I ended up making a fireplace pit outside and I thought that was good until I could maybe afford to have a fireplace installed. Then my wife surprised me one day. She brought me home with an electric fireplace. She said she was unsure if I would like it because it was not the real thing, but I loved it! I love that it’s portable and you can move it to where you want. I also don’t have to worry about splitting wood and having the thing maintained by a chimney sweep. While of course I would love to have a real fireplace like we used to have, this portable fireplace gives me that same feeling of comfort and I really enjoy relaxing around it whenever I can. I even get a lot of compliments when people come over to visit and hang out.

Space heater

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