It’s important to get your A/C tune-up once per year

I was pretty foolish hoping that my cooling system would make it through another warm season without getting the proper air conditioner tune-up. For some crazy reason, I was thinking I was okay with just changing my air filters regularly and keeping the components cleaned out. I cleaned out the outdoor A/C condenser unit and it seemed that my HVAC was running smoothly. That was until the peak of the summer when my A/C system died during my son’s birthday party. I mean, I think it was partially to do with the fact that people kept opening and shutting the doors on a hot day, but it was also the fact that I kept passing on the crucial A/C tune-ups. I had to learn this vital lesson that if you choose to skip on vital HVAC maintenance, you’re going to pay the consequences. I didn’t have to get emergency HVAC services or anything and I was able to get an HVAC professional out the same day towards the end of the party. I mean at least the youngsters were able to enjoy the swimming pool to keep cool during the party, but nobody could deal with staying inside the boiling house. I thought it was a good thing in a way though because I thought it was so much better with everybody getting fresh air. You know the best air quality is outdoors and everybody should enjoy it when the weather is nice! I was happy when the A/C professional promptly repaired the air conditioner though. He wasn’t scolding, but he advised that I keep up with the regular A/C maintenance and get the tune-ups once per year.


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