Learning from a critical mistake

I made a terrible mistake when I decided to go into the winter season without getting the necessary HVAC system maintenance done.

I was very concerned about having enough money for the holidays and things like that, but I should have been thinking about keeping everybody warm with the heating system.

When we got into the winter, we ended up experiencing some serious complications with the heating system. The HVAC professional asked me why I skipped on the crucial HVAC tune-up before the winter, and I gave him my story very sheepishly. It turned out that I paid way more money to repair the HVAC and with emergency repairs on top of that. We ended up having a very tight Christmas. Fortunately, we were able to get some help from the church and the kids were really happy with the things they got. At that point, I was just thankful that everybody was able to be warm in the house with a good working heating system. That should always be the priority when you are going into the winter. Even for the summer season you want to make sure that your family is not roasting to death. So I definitely will be getting both my major HVAC tune-ups before both of the peak seasons. I never want to put my family at risk, I guess sometimes you just have to learn things the hard way. I mean when I made that critical mistake, I thought I was just saving some money, now I know better. I just hope other people can learn from my mistake.

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