Life would be brutal without liberty and happiness

Liberty is a sacred thing that people cannot take for granted. We live in this marvelous country where freedom is what we have known for all our lives. But the people must always fight to keep that freedom and we have to support our military that fights for our freedom regularly. We have to be aware of our history and the various wars and how our wonderful nation started. People should pay attention to their Bill of Rights and Constitution as this tells us about our god given rights in this republic. Could you imagine not having the freedom to choose what career you want to go down or whom you wish to marry? Could you imagine not being able to have access to education and not being able to earn an honest wage? It’s important that we always fight to have the freedom to choose to live in peace with our fellow people, and that everybody can live together with respect and by following the laws of the nation that are not in violation of the US constitution. I have taught my children to always be respectful of others, but not to take any crap from anybody. Our son has really impressed us as he got into the HVAC industry at a young age. He eventually became an HVAC engineer with his brilliant ideas to improve different aspects of the most popular HVAC systems. He even introduced a more recent improvement to the ductless HVAC systems where they can oscillate in all directions for perfect temperature control settings in your home. I hope that my family always has the liberty to achieve their dreams until the end of time in this great nation.


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