Meal time has gotten easier thanks to the new air conditioner

My house is always loud and crazy.

But that is the life I have gotten used to with four children and six pets.

The crazy is my normal at this point. My four kids are the ages 2-10 and because they are always hungry, I have to prepare many meals. As you can imagine, with all the cooking I do, it isn’t the best for the indoor air quality and the odors are many. I don’t like cooking if I am being honest, but I do enjoy making food for the kids. It is just that I get so hot standing over a stove. I was complaining to my husband that I wish I had an air vent above me so that I could actually feel our cool air from the air conditioner. Then yesterday I came home only to see my husband and our kids all huddled around a giant wrapped up box with huge grins plastered on their faces. My husband announced that he had a surprise for me and asked me to open the box, I did and was so happy with what I saw, it was a window air conditioner! My husband explained that while he may not be able to move the air vents, he thought the next best solution was to get me a window air conditioner that I could put in the kitchen window while I’m preparing meals. I did just that and tested it out and I was amazed by how well the small air conditioner did. It did an amazing job putting out plenty of cool air that it was as if I was right in front of our central cooling system. It also had the unintended but wonderful effect of helping to eliminate the cooking odors.


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