My air conditioner started dripping, what should I do?

If you have noticed your air conditioner leaking, there are properly a few main reasons that can be the cause.

The biggest as well as most common reason for a leaky air conditioner is a clogged air filter in your AC.

When your air filter becomes overly obstructed with dirt as well as debris, it can make it almost impossible for the air to properly circulate around your home, as well as if your air conditioner unit is now working too much to circulate air through a obstructed filter, your evaporator coils can freeze up. Many of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning professionals I know advocate increasing your air filter every 30 to 60 afternoons, especially if you have pets. If your drain pans are cracked, or full as well as overflowing, this can be another reason why your air conditioner is leaking. While it is possible to service a cracked drain pan, it is best to completely swap it out with a modern 1. Your local Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional should be able to replace your air conditioner drain pan in less than an hour, with little to no disturbance to your home. Another reason why your air conditioner may be leaking is because of an obstructed condensation drain line. Your condensation drain line can become obstructed with fungi, algae, as well as dirt, once every year or so, it is beneficial to clear the drain line with vinegar. You should try using vinegar as well as your line is still obstructed, it is best to contact any local Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier to come as well as vacuum out the blockage. Regular cleanings of your condensation drain line is the best way to prevent buildup which can lead to blockages, which can lead to your Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan needing luxurious repair work.

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