My boyfriend cares about doing his best

My boyfriend is an awesome guy, not only as a person but as a professional too, and this is the man that I hope to marry one day! We have been together for many years now, and even though he has a tied up schedule because of his job as an HVAC supplier we can consistently find a way to make it work.

The awful part of it all is that he is on call often and while in the winter time weeks he will occasionally get calls for emergency HVAC repairs! He is an amazing heating and cooling specialist, not only does he legitimately care for the customers he works with but he consistently tries to do the best job that he can for most people.

I only wish that he wasn’t so tied up all the time, but you can’t have the good without the bad and in our case the good is with him knowing how to service and install all kinds of heating and cooling products. Everything we are having an issue with our furnace or our a/c I already have an HVAC professional that can do the job and will do it for free because it is ours. Another fine thing is that he gets a friends and family discount and so if we are ever looking to have a new HVAC product installed me and him can get a massive price reduction which helps save money. I am fortunate to have a guy that is so caring and also an amazing heating and A/C tech too. He does his job well and it shows in his work, most recently we have been considering getting heated flooring and he has already offered to install it in our home.



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